Thursday, February 24, 2011

Melville Intermediate - Sports Update 2011

We've had some recent activity in our School as the sports teams have begun games in the 2011 season.  Firstly we're looking at representing Melville Intermediate at the 2011 AIMS National Sporting Championships in Tauraga in August.  For that preparation we've a Girls team currently competing in a Mixed/Boys league on Tuesday nights.   Sita whose in the squad wrote this report about the Girls efforts so far.

"For the past two weeks a squad of eight girls played two fantastic games of Basketball on Tuesday nights.  On the first week we played a team of nine Boys from Maeroa Intermediate School.  Each quarter we played we won scoring the highest in four ten minute quarters.  Some of the girls in the team have never played before but they were pretty good.  After that hard-working performance we won 32-16.  As the week went past we had to play another game, a mixed team from St Andrews Middle School.  But this time there was only four of us starting off against their five.  We had no subs and only four players! As we started the game Fauiki turned up.  Yay, we had five players.  Then in the second half Kaea showed up, Yes! We had a sub!.  Goal after goal.  We scored quite a lot.  Everyone was so tired, so was I.  5... 4... 3... I only had five seconds to shoot the ball... 2... 1... the ball was in the air... 1 (still travelling)... BUZZ! Goal! The final score was 71-28, we are still undefeated."
Sita Latu, Room 18.

On Wednesday 23rd of February 2011 11 students from Melville Intermediate School played Cricket against Maeroa Intermediate.  Maeroa choose to bat first and they scored 68 off 20 overs.  We got two wickets.  Our batting was great! We got 71 runs off 11 overs with only one wicket.  In the end the score was 71 for 1 off 11 and 68 for 2 off 20.  In the end it was a great game and we won.  The people who scored the runs for Melville Intermediate were Jovi and I (Luke).  You can see footage of the winning runs being score in this video.  Filmed by Kieran, presented by Gareth on Thursday 24th February.

Cricket Vs. Maeroa Intermediate from myles webb on Vimeo.

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