Saturday, July 11, 2009

Melville Intermediate - R7 Technology

This was a technology challenge that was conducted with the students of Room 7. In it the students had newspaper and no additional material and they had to build a 'bridge' to support as much weight as possible between two desks. Students when the allotted time was up (which was slightly longer than half an hour) had to apply weight in the form of text books to the bridge. The challenge was to build a bridge without using selotape or any additional resource other that just the paper. The winning entry from Gemma and her team was able to hold onto 27 Maths Text Books, which was then topped off by 23 School dictionaries and it still didn't collapse! The Girls then followed this up by carefully having a student sit on the bridge! (who weighs 45kg and the bridge still would not collapse!)

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