Monday, December 6, 2010

Melville Intermediate - Photostory Creation Story

This is Lana's Photostory demonstrating the work that a group of students has completed with Matua Hone on the Maori Creation Story.

Bjork wrote this report about working with Matua Hone. When we were with Matua Hone we did things like learning how to play Maori instruments. When we learnt how to play them we played them in a drama about Rangi and Papa and the six brothers and the baby. I had to play the Puririhua and I didn't want Rangi and Papa together (in the story) and when they got separated I went with the Father.

Nathalie wrote this. A few weeks ago we got to have a new teacher called Matua Hone. He was really cool and fun. Matua was here for four weeks. In that four weeks Matua Hone had a drama class. In that drama group there was Lana, Kelly, Chase, Kieran, Isaac, Shania, Samm, Tereina, Bjork, Benita and me. We had to act out this drama for a book called 'The Children of Rangi and Papa'. We all a a character each. Each actor had a special power for example Ruaumoko had earth power and he was me. We all played an instrument each for our background noise. We put the instruments together with our drama and thats how we made our drama.

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